Christ Church is an inter-generational congregation rooted in our common faith in Christ and commitment to serve His kingdom. These two things propel us into the future as we continue our tradition of joyful and reverent worship, dedication to spiritual growth, and passion for advancing the Gospel in Jacksonville and around the world.



Planted in 1984, Christ Church has a strong heritage of in-depth expository preaching, inter-generational community life, thoughtful worship, and engagement with local and international mission. While our city and congregation have changed since the 1980’s, our commitment to these values has not. Today, we build upon the good foundations laid at the beginning of our life together.


As an evangelical church, we are committed to advancing the claims of Jesus throughout our city and around the world. Over the years, we’ve supported large numbers of foreign missionaries and contributed significantly to start new churches in our Presbytery. Most recently, we’ve planted two daughter churches – Christ Church East (2010) and Christ Church InTown (2014) – in order to further populate Jacksonville with gospel-centered communities. These congregations, launching with significant core groups from Christ Church, are flourishing in their gospel witness. We are delighted to partner with them as a family of churches advancing God’s kingdom together in our city.


In his grace, God has rewarded our sacrifices at Christ Church to start new churches, sending many new families and young children into our midst. We are excited by the good work God is doing among us, renewing us in our worship, obedience to him, and mission to our city. The rich traditions established over thirty years ago continue to provide a wonderful home we call Christ Church today.





To seek the renewal of all things in Jesus Christ by cultivating a gospel-centered community

that multiplies churches and builds strategic partnerships in Jacksonville and around the world.


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We aren’t into scorekeeping, earning points, or balancing the books with God. Grace liberates by putting us into right relationship with God because of what Jesus has done for us, not what we do for him. Our security lies in the status God gives us in his Son, not a status we gain through our performance.



God loves us the way we are, but too much to leave us that way. Grace not only puts us into right relationship with God, but also frees us from sin’s control, giving us real hope for real change. Alive in Christ, the Spirit doesn’t settle for cosmetic change, but renews us inside and out.



Everyone worships something, seeking to satisfy the deepest longings of the heart. Unfortunately, the things we serve, like money, relationships, or appearance, don’t deliver.

In Christ, God captures our wayward hearts and satisfies them in himself. We gather weekly

to re-direct our desires as we commune with God together.



God made us, not only for himself, but also for each other. We accept one another, ignoring common boundaries like race, age, or class, because God has accepted us in Christ. Within this community, Jesus turns selfish, isolated individuals into a family that seeks to love one another, share life together, and embody God’s kingdom.



God loves our city. Given this, we move towards our neighbor in sacrificial love, denying the fear, arrogance, and indifference that keep us at a safe distance. We seek to proclaim his love, in word and deed, by caring for the vulnerable, serving others in our vocations, and planting neighborhood churches for the renewal of our city and world.



The church is not a passive crowd of consumers but an active body of servants. We seek to equip our members, uniquely gifted by God, to serve in our church, at home, and in the workplace.

By equipping God’s servants, we multiply the gospel’s impact in our city and around the world.



We cannot do this alone. Our commitment to the renewal of all things requires strategic partnerships that extend our reach into the world’s many broken places. We labor alongside others in joyful expectation of the coming kingdom of God.


Chuck Colson, Senior Pastor

John Lawler, Assistant Pastor

Tommy Park, RUF Campus Pastor

Alec Cotton, Youth Director

Meredith Williams, Director of Music

Allison Ristau, Children's Ministry Coordinator

Riley Cotton, Nursery Coordinator

Charlotte Reeves, Administrative Assistant



Roger Bosma

Steve Beaver

Dave Lowe

Jon Groh

Danny Abboud

Jim Dickenson

Carl Ashauer

David Ristau

Cannon Simpson

Ryan Reeves


Ken Magee

Josh Rogers

Bob Lippert

Bob Moore

Chris Densmore

Jack Brede

Rob Hiday

Carroll "Gar" Gurganious

Matt VanWieren


With our daughter churches, Christ Church East and Christ Church InTown, we function as a family, sharing a common vision for the renewal of our city through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This unity is intentional on our part in order to celebrate our common history and to share resources for planting churches. We are committed to cultivating gospel-centered communities that multiply churches and build strategic partnerships in Jacksonville and around the world. Our prayer is that Jacksonville will reflect the reign of Jesus Christ as we leverage the strength of multiple congregations to bring the gospel to our city.


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