Through Christ, God forgives our broken past and offers us hope for the future. Therefore, every Sunday, or Lord’s Day, we gather for a festive celebration of God’s generosity. Join us as we gather our many voices into one, offering joyful praise to the true and living God.


The death and resurrection of Jesus changes everything. Through Christ, God redeems us, feeds us, and sustains us. Therefore, we gather to give God thanks and praise for his wonderful grace!


We are a liturgical church. This simply means that we follow an order in our service that guides our engagement with God. Our liturgy draws us into a dialogue with God that elicits our active participation in song, prayers, readings, and responses. At Christ Church, worship is not a performance put on for an audience, but rather a communal banquet in which we feast on God’s grace in prayer, Scripture, and sacrament. You don’t need to fear that ritual and ceremony leads to meaningless repetition. Instead, we find that our worship enhances our experience in worship by enabling everyone, especially our children, to participate through established rhythms and actions.


Our liturgy leads us to renewal by drawing us into God’s presence before sending us back out into the world to serve him.  In doing this weekly, we gather to receive grace for the present and to anticipate the world to come—the day when Jesus returns to make everything right.


If interested, download an example of an Order of Worship here, or for a Communion Order of Worship here.



Everyone is welcome in our worship services! We believe that Jesus is the one true hope for sinners, and that includes everyone in this world. And so, wherever your walk is with God, we are glad to have you join us for worship.


At Christ Church, you will encounter people from every generation of life—this is something we are proud of! Church is boring if everyone looks like you, and it certainly doesn’t reflect the diversity of heaven. Additionally, you’ll find some dressed up and some dressed down. We aren’t too worried about your clothing choice. Such things should not get in the way of what’s important—a humble and thankful heart before God.



We love children at Christ Church! They are so valuable when they are involved in our service. While it can get rowdy at times, we believe that our kid’s participation in worship shapes them in significant ways—and reminds us of what a childlike heart before God looks like.


During our service, we encourage parents of young children to keep their kids in worship as long as they like. We also provide age-appropriate care and instruction for kids. Parents with children ages 0-2 may drop-off their kids in the Nursery (0 – Walking) or the Toddler Room (Walking – 2 Years Old) where a team of trained child-care professionals and volunteers await them.


Children ages 3-6 are dismissed to Children’s Chapel after we recite the Creed. They retreat upstairs with our teachers where they study God’s Word—and have a blast the entire time! All children above nursery age return to the sanctuary for the final hymn so that we close our worship with the family of God together.


On the third Sunday of the month, we celebrate Holy Communion. Children ages 3-6 are dismissed before the Scripture readings and return during the congregational greeting to join us for our celebration of the Lord’s Supper. While many of our kids are not prepared to share this meal with us, we believe there is great value to their inclusion in this celebratory feast. They are invited to come forward with families, where the elders pray for non-communing children. This tangible expression of God’s grace in Jesus Christ often provokes great discussions for families with even the youngest of children. An optional nursery is provided for younger children (ages 0-3) during the communion portion of the service.


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